Arqaam Inc.

Technology For A Better Living

Our Mission

We are convinced in providing System design, Software and Hardware expertise in the area of wireless communications or embedded projects to enable our clients to reach their goals and achieve competitive advantage.


Each project is custom tailored to meet each client's requirements, from conception to completion.

Our Product

Pager+ is our internal developed on-call management solutions with full calender integration

* Automatically connecting the call to the person on-call

* Short message paging, with iOS or Android application or SMS

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What we do

As a modern technology company we believe in simpicity and practicality.

Mobile App Development

Cross-platform Android and IOS application software design and development.

Embedded Devolopment

Embedded Processers and sensors from all vendors.

Complete System Design

Web to Hardware, we offer complete and convienent designs.

Technology Assesment And Investigation

System analysis and simulation.

Algorithm Development

We build algorithms for machine learning, digital signal processing, image processing and application-specific integreted circuits (ASIC).

Wearable Devices

We design software and algorithims for wearable devices.

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